How To Play Your Part With Environmental Conservation

Published on: January 15, 2011

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“People need to be cautious because anything built by man can be destroyed by Mother Nature.” – Russel Honore

As I write this post this, the Queensland floods have continued for the last three weeks, with a confirmed death toll of 12 and 20 people missing at last count. If you’ve paid attention to the world news, you’ll no doubt have seen the devastation Mother Nature has inflicted – as wellin other parts of the globe . To the mind, it is incomprehensible to see images broadcast on TV revealing the full extent of her wrath.

The truth of the matter is that mother earth needs healing. The destruction and devastation we’re seeing in the world is an indication that she is crying out for help. We have polluted and mistreated our divine universe for far too long. Our environment cannot continue with the abuse we’ve inflicted and expect the weather patterns to abide.

I’ve written in previous posts about raising consciousness to impact health. By raising your consciousness, you also raise the collective consciousness of humanity which ultimately affects how we treat mother earth. To suggest the problem is out there and you are limited in how you respond to it, is a naive view. You can start impacting humanity in your own corner of the globe. I invite each and every person reading this blog; to be mindful of their thoughts, actions and beliefs.

I invite you to adopt a caring, nurturing attitude toward your fellow being and the environment. Do not dismiss the value of the role you play. It starts with the smallest gesture and radiates out into the universe like wildfire.

I was at my chiropractor’s recently, receiving an adjustment. She was recounting a story how a couple of two young girls aged seven had setup a small stall in her street selling juice to passers by (it’s summer here in Australia). All the proceeds of their stall were sent to the flood victims in Queensland. I was deeply moved by the story, since it illustrates how unblemished minds can create change.

The enormity of any tragedy whether it’s close to home or abroad, is to think of the situation happening closer to your home. Think about such tragedies affecting your loved ones. Watching images of people losing homes and loved ones on TV or the internet can desensitise us from the real message – we are not immune from such conditions.  Someone’s father, mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunt etc is always affected and the loss of life is deeply affected and radiated into the community.

I urge everyone to become mindful of how your treat one another and your environment. I know many of you drop in here to read about personal development, health and wellbeing. Caring for your fellow beings is personal growth in action. Start playing your part in the universe. Forget about your needs about looking hot, having flat abs or whatever preoccupation you think you NEED to feel better. When you’re in service to others, the greatest feeling and fulfillment is knowing you had some role to play in making another person’s life a little better.

Your kindness may extend by helping someone carry their grocery shopping or sending positive thoughts to another person. Stop yourself when gossiping about others or withholding negative thoughts about people who look different to you. You always have a role to play no matter how small or insignificant you think you may be. Your health and wellbeing is determined by the thoughts you entertain on a regular basis. Choose what thoughts to allow into the landscape of your mind.

Start to see the whole universe as your playground and your responsibility. Begin with yourself and slowly but surely those close to you will begin to see the shift in you. They will be drawn to the person you’re becoming and undoubtedly begin to make changes within themselves. Do not see what is happening in the world as someone else’ problem. YOU live in this world. YOU are a part of this collective consciousness. See to it that you have an influence as to how humanity moves forward in the right direction.

The smallest act of kindness, the tiniest gesture of goodwill; is felt in every part of the universe like a pebble dropped into water. Believe that you can play a role. Begin small. Impact those close to you. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Take that first step and share in the glory of shaping the world you live in. After all, it’s not enough to merely proclaim the world is not a nice place and yet do nothing about it.




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