What Is Life Trying To Communicate To You?

Published on: February 6, 2011

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“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

The Experience Often Precedes the Lesson

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the most interesting experiences with Mother Nature. On numerous occasions birds have flown straight at me, at times narrowly missing me. It happened just the other day while I was sitting at a cafe catching up with a friend. A bird flew straight between us, catching the wind-gust of its feathers passing by.

In another instance, I was riding my bike and had to immediately duck as a bird flew past my helmet. Had I not averted it, I’m sure it would have flown into the helmet – ending up as road bait. I’ve been around to know when birds start flying straight into you, something’s going on. My spiritual knowledge reminds me there is a magic and order to the universe. I trust and have faith in this order. Everything, including a blade of grass is accounted for and has a purpose in the universe.

A leaf falling on your nose is a message designed and orchestrated especially for you. Wayne Dyer in his book You’ll See It When You Believe It states; Once you know that everything that you encounter, everything that you think and feel, everything that you do, is all part of the synchronicity of this universe and at the precise same instant that you are directing it as well, you will have removed the shackles from your life.”

Perceiving this, I knew the universe was sending me a message to get clear about something. However, it seemed to be outside my realisation. I sat with it for a number of days contemplating the meaning of the message. At the same time while this was happening, I was experiencing some degree of frustration. I was anxious and at times tempered toward anger, often directed at others. Albeit the anger was repressed. I wasn’t acting on it physically, since I chose to internalise it.

I would suggest that I was becoming averse to hearing bad news around me. I had had enough. I was frustrated people weren’t tending to their spiritual, mental and emotional life which was causing violence and hate directed at others. The smallest things set me off, like a motorist yelling abusive comments at me for attempting to make a legal turn while riding my bike.

In moments like these, I often turn toward a spiritual person whom I regard as my mentor. Her presence alone is enough to calm and settle me. I sent her an email describing my situation. She lives about an hour’s drive, so I don’t visit her in person too often – despite my best intentions.

Her reply via email made me feel at peace. It read:” To me the bird experience is about getting your attention to look at life from above, a bird’s eye view so to speak. Somewhere in your journey at the moment you are too close to the ground, rise above and look at it from a higher perspective. I would trust that it is about you feeling frustrated with people not treading the spiritual path. Looking from a higher perspective, everyone is in the exact place at the right time for them. Your ego has arisen saying that what you do and where you are is better than these others and so frustration creeps in.”

Often one needs a gentle reminder that the problem is not outside of us. One of my favourite authors, Guy Finley explains it poignantly in his book, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living stating; “Fighting with, resisting any wave creates more waves. Do something new: let that wave of worry or fear rise – and fall – back into the darkness from which it came; and be assured it will do just that, if we only agree to let it run its natural course.”

My resistance arose since I believed I had to change something outside of me, (i.e. other people). My ego labelled it wrong and created internal resistance, causing me to respond to it. When you’re open and aware, the universe sends you messages getting your attention that you’re out of alignment.

Mother Nature was inviting me to rise above my false belief that things are not right in the world. She was asking me to ground myself in the knowledge that all is well and to get out of the way by correcting my thoughts. The message for you is; tune in to whatever is causing you worry and concern in your life right now. Your feelings are your guidance system, as Jerry & Esther Hicks remind us. You’re either in alignment with your wants or not.

I was out of alignment, so receiving clear messages from the universe served as the reminder. It is a call to monitor your thoughts and change how you’re responding to anything which you don’t want. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change is another Wayne Dyer quote I often call upon. He reminds us that at times we cannot change the circumstances in our life, yet if we change HOW we respond to the situation, we’re able to transcend our suffering.

Examine your life right now and respond accordingly. How is Mother Nature or the universe inviting you to rise above your worries and fears? If it’s related to your health and wellbeing, it may be in the form of reminders from your immediate environment that you should tend to your state of health and wellbeing.

Pay close attention to signs, numbers, ads on TV, conversations people having around you, billboards, reoccurring messages like parking tickets. Sometimes the universe will repeatedly send messages or experiences until you get the lesson. Part of your spiritual and personal growth toward greater fulfilment of health is recognising and paying attention to your surroundings. Develop your sixth sense and seeking guidance from within. The answers you seek are always waiting within to be called upon – you just have to ask in order to receive.

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