Why You Are Perfect As You Are

Published on: April 16, 2012

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“Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

What emotions surface when you read the headline of this article? Are you aware of any resistance? You are perfect the way you are since that is exactly whom you’re meant to be. You are born with the perfect genes and a mind and body that defy anything man could manufacture. Your mission is to embrace your perfection by evolving into it. Life wants for you what you want for yourself. Your happiness lies dormant within and seeks you as much as you seek it. To find this source of happiness, you must align yourself with the authentic self to bring it to life. Below are three points guiding you to your perfection. Consider them when you’re feeling uncertain about your self-worth.

1. The Universe Doesn’t Make Mistakes

How can the same universal force which allows the sun to rise each morning, birds to fly in perfect orchestration and the beating of your heart be anything less than perfect? Many of us do not consider the miracle of these events in our lives. Observe a young child stare in awe at these miracles. There’s a beauty in the unknown to children as evident by the passage looking through a child’s eyes. My young nephew marvels in awe every time he sees a garbage truck pass by his home and never ceases to tire of it. Our minds are not equipped to comprehend the mysterious process which unfolds perfectly and in right timing.

Recall the last time you thought of someone and later bumped into them in the street? These have become normal occurrences for me. I feel an inner nod when these events take place, for they are more than just coincidence rather synchronicity. Love is another universal mystery. How can anyone prove the existence of love? Sure, you might recite the chemical reaction that takes place between two people experiencing love, but where does love reside? Is it in the human heart? Or is it within the realm of consciousness? Are we tapping into it when we align ourselves with this benevolent force? Why has science yet to prove it? The point worth making is that there’s a great deal humanity and science are yet to quantify and measure.

2. Embrace Your Perfection

Do you embrace your perfection or find fault in the physical aspects of your body? I recall years ago during my teens working in a men’s exclusive shoe store. We sold the finest leather shoes imported from around the world. I recall speaking with the sales representative from one of the shoe companies about the imperfections on high ticketed shoes. He reassured me they were markings made from the animal rubbing itself against a fence or tree. They were a desirable quality that buyers valued in a shoe. You never knew where the imperfection was or even if the blemish was apparent on all shoes. Once the manufacturer received the hide for processing, it was a matter of luck if a customer purchased a shoe with the marking. What most people consider defective is a desirable quality. Using that analogy, how are you able to view your imperfections as ideal? Cosmetic surgery is never the answer to alter what you dislike about yourself. I’m yet to meet a person with an unappealing personality. We are naturally drawn to one another’s inner landscape. Sure aesthetics matters, but your inner self is where the true beauty lies.

3. See The Perfection In Others

Do you see the beauty in others or are you drawn to their outer appearance? Whilst you may be initially drawn to their physical appearance, over time you become acquainted with the whole person. We ought to be aware of the beauty in others, rather than perceive their flaws. I’m not suggesting that you stay in the company of a negative person to see their beauty. That would be impractical as you would do yourself a disservice. If someone is indifferent to you, look for favourable qualities in that person. There’s always an opportunity to appreciate something in others, even when we have to look hard. Remember what you see in others is already apparent in you.

See the beauty in others, even if you can’t find one positive thing about them, use the following thought pattern instead of a negative one: “That person was interesting.” This creates a neutral observation in your mind and is a useful way of seeing the world. Wherever you are in your life’s journey, trust you are infinitely perfect just the way you are. Accepting this way of thinking creates more of the same energy in your consciousness. It is neither conceited nor egoic to regard yourself in high esteem. It becomes ego centred when you think you are better than others. Embrace yourself as the universal perfection forever evolving. You are a work in progress that is flawless. Allow your inner beauty and genius to manifest and in doing so, you give permission for others to do the same.

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2 Responses to Why You Are Perfect As You Are

  1. Elise says:

    Hi Tony

    I’ve just come across your article by mistake but I’m glad I did! Your points are very interesting especially thinking of someone and then bumping into them later on. Also your point about the ‘universe doesn’t make a mistake’ – very true.

    I will come back!!


    • We should strive to be open and receptive to universal forces much like our ancestors used to. We’ve lost this ability to connect with our greater universe at the risk of all our information coming from media sources. Thanks for dropping in Elise!

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