You Are Exactly Where You’re Meant To Be

Published on: March 20, 2011

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Puppets A Purposeful Universe

“The time is now, the place is here. Stay in the present. You can do nothing to change the past and the future will never come exactly as you plan or hope for.”—The Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman

Do you ever feel things aren’t going to plan? Perhaps you wish you had taken a different path in life? Or stuck it out at that job or stayed in that relationship? I have experienced this on many occasions throughout my life. However, this way of thinking shows up when we face inner turmoil. Our ego believes it knows what’s best for us; oh how wrong it can be sometimes. The truth is: the present moment is perfect. You are in the perfect place right now. Beating yourself up, re-examining how things could have been different, is ego getting its way. You chose a life path which has led you to this moment and acceptance is the first step toward fulfilment.

Some people contend we are in control of our lives based our choices. Others propose we are puppets in a purposeful universe and everything is destined. An alternative spiritual view suggests 65% of our lives are preordained whilst 35% is through wilful action. My belief is, some parts of our lives are predestined, yet we don’t know which part is predetermined or freewill. Therefore, a determined destiny may include what family you are born to, whom you’ll marry (if you choose to), major illnesses, major life occurrences, etc. It makes up the principal aspects of one’s life, while free will is being a co-creator within the overall plan of this destiny. What about you, what do you believe? You are exactly where you’re meant to be because the ability to create your future arises when you let go of the past and how the future should be. In doing so, you allow all future possibilities to occur by being present and aware.

Your Problems Are Opportunities

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be…”― John Lennon

To awaken our authentic self requires identifying with our authentic nature and freeing ourselves from distorted thinking and beliefs. These are ideas we learned when we transitioned from adolescence to adulthood. We ought to stop resisting the present moment whatever conditions we face. A similar analogy is that of slowly sinking in quicksand. To add to further injury, we resist and try to fight our way out of our impending doom. As a result, we’re overcome by the quicksand and sink deeper until it’s too late to free ourselves. I’m suggesting the universe offers us a lifeline to stop fighting. She advises you to stay calm and free yourself from this burden. When we’re still and calm, we call on our inner helper, the knower of all things to come to our aid. This inner knowing has all the answers we could ever need. Have you ever experienced the sense of inner knowing without evidence to the contrary? It can appear as a thought, an impulse or intuition and just feel right.

We must use our right brain to steer our way out of our self-made prison. The right brain is random, intuitive, holistic, synthesizing and whole. It does not speak to us as the left brain which is rational and objective. Our right brain is where we find the essence of who we are, for it speaks to us in quiet whispers. Therefore, I invite you to throw caution to the wind and listen to the silent call within you. Your life needn’t be a struggle. Your problems are opportunities, if you will perceive them as such. Let go of distorted thinking which tells you the world should be a certain way. That life owes you something or people must fulfil your standards. Accept ‘things’ as they are since that’s exactly how they are. I’m not suggesting you accept less than you deserve. I’m proposing you become the navigator of your life, willing to sail in any condition. Many people view life’s circumstances as unwelcoming. To the enlightened, it is a gift and lesson. The adage: “How may I use this lesson to my advantage?” is an empowering reflection to view your role as a co-creator of your life.

So abandon your shackles and break free from all that holds you back. Affirm the following: “I refuse to live this way anymore. I honour the greatness that is my birthright, from this moment on. I will not entertain limiting thoughts of lack, uncertainty or doubt. I will live the life of my dreams and allow my inner wisdom to express itself.” I dare you to be great. I dare you to be brilliant. I dare you to let your light shine. I dare you to become the best you can be. Whatever you think is stopping you, is not.




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