3 Successful Ways To Navigate Life and Get Ahead

Published on: March 12, 2012

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“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” – Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

I was having a conversation with a client recently about successfully navigating life. He was considering options for the next years of his academic life. Upon completion of his studies, he would take a year off to work – it would serve as his gap year; a pivotal period in every student’s academic life.

Being in his early twenties, he was concerned he might not be interested in working in the area he spent years studying for. I offered the advice that life was like a journey with bridges to cross. When you approach a decision in relation to your future path, you must cross a bridge. The bridge may be likened to a major life decision.

In order to navigate your way forward you must know what direction you’re headed – the path will reveal itself.  You can never know what surprises await you. The past merely serves as a guide to the future. Life ultimately unfolds in perpetual moments.

Each thought or emotion creates the future in the present moment. To successfully navigate life, become aware and conscious of the present moment – that is, the thoughts and decisions you make now influence your future.

In previous blog articles I wrote about the future is created from the seed of opportunity within the present moment.  Future events are no more than present moment possibilities.  While this may sound abstract, you have very little knowledge of future events. You only have control of your: thoughts, emotions and actions in each present moment.

Remember, your future can only be created in the NOW.  It is worth re-addressing this concept.

If you fail to embrace this principle, you’ll be engulfed by mental suffering. Mental suffering arises when we don’t get what we want or it doesn’t manifest in the form we desire.

The future will arrive quicker than you realise. It reveals itself in ways you cannot anticipate. Be prepared; be awake and receptive to what shows up. Follow your intuition; for it is your heart speaking a language your mind can only watch and listen to.

With that in mind I offer you three steps toward creating and navigating the future you desire.

1.       Honour your path

Honouring your path invites you stay true to yourself no matter what obstacles show up during the journey. Many give up too soon when they encounter the slightest challenges. They feel life is better lived having fun and not making sacrifices.

How much do you want to fulfill your goal, ambition or dream? Is it a burning desire that emanates from within; from the depth of your soul? If so, there’s a good chance you’ll be committed to realising it when the going gets tough.

If your goal is that of another person’s, you’re not living life supported by your desires. Ask yourself WHY am I doing this? What do I wish to achieve? How will life look when I achieve this goal? Who can I help along the way while using my talents and inner genius?

When you have the answers which resonate with you, you’re committed to honouring your path; despite what roadblocks or obstacles show up.

2.       Be well prepared

Preparation not only means been physically prepared; rather mentally and emotionally. Learning about universal laws has been instrumental for me to navigate my way ahead in life. Knowing life presents us with ebbs and flows allows me to understand things will not always go according to MY plan.

I remain receptive to the cycle of life and in doing so I work with those forces. I trust I am being supported in my endeavours when I honour my path. If I venture outside of my jurisdiction, the universe advises me in no uncertain terms it’s time to regain my focus.

Being emotionally prepared imparts the wisdom that no matter what obstacles you encounter, they have been placed in your path for your greatest growth. You may fall upon circumstances which you deem unfair. The breakup of a romantic relationship may appear devastating at first. While there is a period of grief, these are transitional periods toward the greater lesson – an inner resolve and receptivity that everything will turn out for the best in the long run.

Look upon your next challenge as a blessing – an opportunity to learn and gain a new insight; a new perspective. It may not be the lesson you want – it never is. If life seeks to teach you love, be willing to experience heartbreak.  Life gives you the opposite experience so that you may have two wings to fly – not one.

3.       Remain vigilant

Some of the toughest terrain in the world lay waiting in the recesses of your mind. When you overcome these obstacles, your journey takes on new meaning.

Remaining vigilant advises when honouring your path, you stay committed despite the difficult times ahead. Vigilance is a state of being. It’s a way of asserting ones mental state, despite the conditions. You remain poised and receptive your journey will be fulfilled.

The principles outlined above work together in harmony when put into practice. You cannot have one without the other. Consider your prize far exceeds anything that life will throw at you.

Use these principles as foundations to successfully navigate your way toward the life of your dreams. Decide that you’ll remain on the path no matter what challenges you face. Trust you’ll be shown the path ahead as you approach a bridge or crossing.

The bridge serves as a connection between the past and the future. Be bold and daring – cross each bridge and in doing so you pave the way ahead to a magical life.

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4 Responses to 3 Successful Ways To Navigate Life and Get Ahead

  1. Simon Grove says:

    HI Tony! Thanks again for an interesting article. I find it difficult sometimes to be so open and welcome to what life changes come my way but after reading your article I am far more challenged to really expect all that comes my way!

    Thank you for yet another interesting read.

    I look forward to reading more of your interesting and life changing articles.


    • Thank you Simon for you candid response and honesty. Success awaits you around the corner when you’re ready and willing to reveal your inner nature. Best wishes

  2. Samantha says:

    hello Tony, interesting read this week.

    May I quote a sentence from your article – “Life gives you the opposite experience so that you may have two wings to fly – not one” reading this over and over again makes great sense and resonates within me.

    • Yes indeed Samantha. The key message is that if we’re open and welcome life’s changes, we can have a greater impact of the life we choose to live. Thanks for your comments

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