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Published on: August 11, 2014

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“You never know what life had planned for you.” – Tony Fahkry

The following work is the Introduction from my book, The Power to Navigate Life – available via Amazon

Over a decade ago, The Power to Navigate Life began as my own personal journey. In fact, I recall that precise moment my life began to change. It was when I heard the rheumatologist utter the word CANCER and instantaneously my equilibrium was shattered. Life as I knew it would never be the same.

Immediately, the word death came to mind at the mention of cancer. Death and disease had become as familiar as friends over the years (my father died from complications of type II diabetes), so I knew all too well their correlation.

But as time progressed, I came to understand the underlying mechanisms of the brain and began to appreciate the mind’s desire to make associations. In actual fact, the words death and cancer were only related by association in a game played by the mind. I needed to begin to make new associations, because this was no longer a game—it was my life.

However, this book is not the story of my life nor is it about my battle to overcome cancer when the odds were stacked against me, as there are plenty of such stories lining the bookshelves. I prefer not to dwell on disease, because I do not feel as though I am its victim. Nor have I ever wanted illness to be a focal point or defining element of who I am or the message I am here to communicate. Because the result of my cancer was, in fact, the greatest gift imaginable—an awakening to realization of the perfection of life. So my journey with cancer became a story about how to embrace life, irrespective of background, education, health challenges or otherwise.

You may wonder how exactly I awoke to realize life’s perfection. The transformation itself was not a singular, instantaneous moment in which I awoke fully enlightened. Rather, it was a natural unfolding of energy that merged within my inner being. In a sense, I had to get out of my own way; I needed to step back and simply allow the process to unfold, by allowing the energy to flow, instead of resisting what I thought I wanted my life to be.

Over time, these subtle changes or shifts to my outlook and thinking had a huge impact on my life. Yes, there were times when I had no idea what was happening to me and sometimes I still do not fully understand what comes next. Yet, within me exists an inner knowing that everything will be ok, as though I am being guided. As long as I keep taking the necessary steps, I know that I will be supported.

Since the time of my cancer and subsequent awakening, I have come in contact with many people who have endured similar health scares. Few of them, have had such a life-altering wake up. Certainly, they are all grateful to be alive, capable of living life to the fullest. However, surviving cancer does not automatically make one aware of how fortunate they are to be alive. Instead of living vibrantly in the perfection of life, many return to the safety of their old beliefs, grateful only for having escaped death.

But living fully consists of more than knowing how to escape death. Life in its fullest sense reveals itself through you, as an expression of energy. If you allow life to move through you, you can become the expression of life’s energy. When you resist this energy, you end up blocking a life that is unfolding specifically for you. Utilizing this mindset, no situation is ever as bad as you imagine or expect it to be. Participating fully in life requires only three simple ingredients: time, patience, and trust.

Within this book, I will discuss two concepts, drawing upon analogies of the different ways of living life. By the close of this book, you will come to understand that there are no mistakes in life—only outcomes. You will discover a force—an expression of life—that is exhilarating and deeply profound. You will also be instructed about how to work with universal forces and use them to guide your life. When you live by the Universe’s rules, life begins to serve you. It serves you because you are the expression of life itself.

Far too many people discount the extraordinary messages that are contained within their own life story. These unique messages that appear through life are often opportunities disguised as challenges. These challenges allow us to become more than we are–more than we believe possible. We can only become more than we are by saying YES to life.Saying YES means embracing the essence of the experience that is before us.Ultimately, it means showing less resistance to the circumstances that arise within each moment.

The Power to Navigate Life is a book about realizing that there is more to life than what we have been told. More to life than paying bills, working at a job that we dislike or being in a relationship that does not serve us.

The Power to Navigate Life is a way of life centered on human potential. This potential stirs within each of us and can only be awakened when we dare to examine our deepest selves. For within the deepest self lies an emptiness waiting to be filled with miracles. This only happens if we are willing to get out of our own way and allow the process to unfold.

In creating The Power to Navigate Life, my aim and purpose was to teach participants how to view life from a different perspective. To illustrate how we continually create the circumstances of our life through childhood programs. These programs are beliefs, thoughts, ideas or anything else that we may have picked up from our environment, which allows us to create a perception or an image of our world.

The truth of the matter is that you are far more than your beliefs, thoughts or anything else you deemed possible for yourself. In order to awaken to a new reality and see life from a different perspective, it is essential that you look at life through a new lens. Your new way of seeing can only transpire when you abolish the old paradigms and the old way of thinking in order to pave a way for the fresh, new and vital energy that can permeate through your mind and body.You have the power to create your reality from this moment onwards.

While reading this book, I invite you to put away any preconceived ideas of what you have learned about life. Put away any mental constructs of what life has delivered so far; for in doing so, you might believe that you have been unfairly treated, taken advantage of, or even wronged.

You may have also formed beliefs about what reality is. However, this is your reality: your version, shaped by your perceptions, values and beliefs. I am here to show you a different reality.

For instance, if you continue to attract the wrong type of intimate relationships, being aware that you are creating these circumstances allows you to attract harmonious intimacy, instead of failed relationships. Power is earned through your willingness to shift your awareness.

And what if your problems led you to discover a new ways of approaching your difficulties? What I am suggesting is that sometimes in life the wrong turn can and will deliver us to the right place and time. Luckily, the right place is HERE and the right time is NOW!

If your reality, your world, is lived in such a way that you are dissatisfied and your senses are muted, you may continually be up against obstacles, dead-ends, rejections, failures and many other unwelcome surprises that arise along the way.

But there are good surprises, too, and you have picked up this book for a reason. Whether it was given to you by another person or you discovered it in your search for answers to life’s persistent questions, this book is intended to guide you on your journey. Along the way, I hope you discover insights that might challenge all you have come to believe about life.

The Power to Navigate Life is a program like no other. It is the culmination of over ten years of personal experience, as well as the observations working one-on-one with clients and facilitating workshops and seminars.

The Power to Navigate Life offers an opportunity to step into a new way of creating your reality. As you read and study this book, try the principles and adapt them into your life. Observe the changes within your own life, for these changes are an indication of changing awareness. When your level of awareness begins to evolve and change, so will your level of consciousness begin to adapt and evolve.

This higher state of human development advances our consciousness level from a primitive mind to higher states and a more evolved mind-set. Do not be discouraged if you find yourself relapsing from time to time. This is a normal part of the process as your mind begins to expand, creating new horizons from which to create your future.

It is my desire for you to fully embrace the principles of this program. The chapters have been organised in such a way so as to guide you through the program. I suggest you first read through the book and then return back to the chapters that you found difficult to digest.

I wish you great health and happiness in your life and trust from this point forward that you will be begin to create a new perspective from which to experience life. The Power to Navigate Life is an invitation to live that experience.


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