How to Overcome Challenges and Setbacks

Published on: September 10, 2012

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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ― Helen Keller

Are you facing challenges in your life? It is hard to face challenges. Many people try to avoid challenges and setbacks, but it is better to face challenges than to run away from them, because no matter how much you avoid them, they will strike you back. There is no way you can avoid all challenges in life, so why not face them now? I’m going to discuss how you can overcome challenges and setbacks that you are facing.

Why face challenges?

Before you continue, it is very important to understand that challenges are necessary for your growth. If you want to develop into a healthy individual, you need some challenges in your life. Challenges polish your talents and improve your skills. They help us become successful individuals in the field we are involved in. Most of all, challenges help us discover who we really are and how we behave in adversities. When we are successful, we feel confident, but it is the difficult times that make us know how we truly are.

If you want to grow and become successful in reaching your full potential, you must challenge yourself. For that, you need to set goals for yourself. Set goals that let you go wild with creativity and imagination. These goals should motivate you. Though these should be achievable goals, but don’t make them too simple. A challenge should be a bit difficult so that your skills get some practice. It is best to divide a big goal into smaller goals for simplicity.

[bctt tweet=”If you want to grow and become successful in reaching your full potential, you must challenge yourself. ” username=”tonyfahkry”]Follow these simple steps:

1.       Clearly understand the problem

When you are trying to overcome a problem, make sure you understand what the problem is. If you don’t clearly understand the problem is, you can’t really solve it. So take out some time from your schedule and understand the problem at hand. If you are facing challenges in your life, you must be feeling hapless, but do not panic. Stay calm in order to find a solution to all your problems. Understanding your problem clearly will help you focus on the solution.

2.       Identify your resources and strengths

You need to identify the resource you have that could possibly help you achieve your goals. It’s best to make a list of those resources.

Some materials could be blogs, books, magazines, computer and of course money. These materials can help you overcome your problems. If you feel that you don’t have enough money to tackle your problems, maybe you can start with whatever money you have and raise more money later on. It will depend on your case.

Personal strength and skills are also important resources. If you are a hard working person, there is no goal that you cannot achieve. However, if you feel lazy after starting something and want to quit it, you cannot succeed even if you have a lot of money.

Motivation is a big factor for success. If your friends and family motivate you, you can achieve success faster. If people near you are bringing you down, then it is hard to succeed this way. Make sure you have the right company.

3.       Make a strategy

[bctt tweet=”Motivation is a big factor for success. If your friends and family motivate you, you can achieve success faster.” username=”tonyfahkry”]If you want to face challenges, you should have a proper strategy. Think hard in order to find a good strategy to face your problems. Once you decide the right strategy, you should execute it correctly. Even if it does not succeed, don’t lose heart. Most things don’t work for the first time. Many successful people have tried and failed. These failures became their stepping stones for success. So do it again and again until you succeed.

4.       Implement your strategy

Once you have devised a strategy, you need skill, intelligence, and creativity to implement it. You need to execute it with diligence, determination, and effort. Make sure you strive for excellence and try your best. However, if you do not overcome the challenge you faced, it does not mean you should be disheartened. Devise another strategy and try again. There can be only two reasons for failure: either the strategy wasn’t good enough, or you didn’t implement it properly. Find out the cause, eliminate the problem, and try it again.

All in all, it is very important to challenge yourself continuously. All of us face challenges, and it is all a part of life. If you are facing setbacks now, it does not mean that you should break down and give up. Challenges are a way to improve your skills. They make you work under pressure and still survive. Setbacks should be taken as challenges that you have to accept. Make sure you do not give up on your goals. Once you cross the hurdles, you’ll be welcomed by success.

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4 Responses to How to Overcome Challenges and Setbacks

  1. Meredith Smith says:

    What a challenge this topic is! I always struggle to challenge myself and know that I am my biggest competitor yet I shy away from & avoid challenges altoghether.

    I found your article and points on this topic insightful and very helpful. It’s given me the drive to now set goals and challenges and just believe that I can do it.


    • Well done Meredith. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy instead of being our best friend. Go ahead and set big goals and work toward them. Avoid buying into the belief that you’re a failure if you don’t achieve them – who ever said that had to be the case? It’s the process that matters and of course the journey, which ultimately affects our lives – best of luck!

  2. Julie Dowd says:

    hi tony, this is really good – I’ve just been through a very challenging time in my life and I’m very proud of myself for coming out of it and happy too.

    Your 4 steps are good and useful which I’ll use these next time a challenge walks into my life.

    Thanks for making a difficult journey into an easy process.

    • Hi Julie, thanks for your comments. I hope you managed to get through your difficult period while gaining some valuable insights. Jim Rohn once said that the same wind blows on us all, its how we set out sail that determines what direction in life we take and the lessons we gain – best wishes!

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