6 Effective Ways How to Overcome Any Problem

Published on: January 30, 2012

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“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” – Molière

While I’m not suggesting I am bereft of problems, the more I nourished and tended to my inner landscape; the easier my passage through life became.

So how does one arrive at this point? How can you allow the beauty and majesty of life to reveal itself to you in a similar way? How can you access the rich woven force of life, which is forever nourishing you?

The following is a list of ideas and thoughts I’ve found instrumental in my journey. They’ve worked for me and trust they may also impact your life in much the same manner.

Don’t take my word for it. Go out and test these principles by incorporating them into your daily life. My suggestion is to start with one core principle until you feel you’ve got a good grasp of it. Remember, don’t rush the lesson.

I remind you of the passage which advises us that life is a great teacher – it presents us with the test before the lesson. With that in mind, personal growth and wisdom MUST take place at the level of the body and mind. It must be incorporated at the cellular level – it should be breathed, lived and known intimately.

It’s pointless quoting wisdom from a book or from a class, if you’ve never embodied the lesson. There is a scene which I’m sure you’re familiar with in Good Will Hunting which echoes these words. So I offer the following wisdom in the hope that you may incorporate the lesson by living their truth. Once again, test the theory to experience the lesson.

1.       Undertake personal growth daily

By personal growth I mean an endeavour which allows you to grow at the level of the mind, in a different way than previously. You might face challenges from a loved one who brings out the worst character traits in you. By growing, you begin to see that your loved one is mirroring back your insecurities. Realising that you are the outward expression of how others relate to you, inner growth is experienced.

2.       Raise your consciousness and awareness

I’ve spoken about this in previous blog articles. When you raise your consciousness and level of self awareness, you invite a high order of energy to course through you. You transcend problems, since those problems are only apparent at the level of awareness and consciousness which created them. Albert Einstein said: “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.” In order to transcend your problems, raise and transcend your consciousness. A useful analogy would be seeing things from a higher perspective, You’re looking down on your problems instead of ensconced in them.

3.       Respect your body and mind by living a healthy life

Honour your body as a part of nature. You are a living, breathing being with a soul and pure potential. When you live in accordance with how nature intended, you allow the infinite expression of life to pulse through every cell. Eat healthy, nutritious food which nourishes your mind, body and soul. Avoid toxic foods and substances which lower your life force and vitality. When you eat according to your genetic constitution, you activate the necessary DNA that brings forth radiant, abundant health and vitality.

4.       Honour yourself and live YOUR truth

Much of the New Age mumbo jumbo is lined with metaphors and spiritual jargon that means little to incorporate into daily life. I also find it impractical at times wishing they would simply state how they want me to act.

Honouring yourself by living your truth states that you live in congruence with your highest vision of yourself. It means honouring your heart’s desire by following those desires, without being influenced, coerced or swayed by others.

This may be the hardest advice to follow, since we’re continually faced with challenges and obstacles which influence how we should act. The media continually advises us that we need to acquire things to be happy. This is the furthest thing from the truth and certainly a means in which to market to you.

It takes a great deal of self honesty and bravery to live your truth and become an example to others to do the same.

5.       Really know yourself

By really knowing yourself, I invite you to understand and appreciate the duality of your nature. Nature can be ferocious and yet calm, silent and serene. Knowing yourself asks that you connect with the essence of your spirit. Become attuned to the silent voice which resides within. Retreat into silence in order to commune with this voice from time to time. Only in silence can you tune out the monkey mind (incessant chatter) to discover the essence of your nature.

6.       Work with the forces of life – don’t oppose them

As human beings we have needs. These needs range from material wants such as a nice home, car and other luxuries. Our non material include love, respect, acceptance (or validation) and understanding.

Often our ego intervenes advising us that we need more than what we have. It convinces us that we are lacking and that our neighbours have more than us. It tells us we should strive to seek more; believing that in doing so we will be happier.

Working with the forces of life, invites you be grateful and mindful of what you currently have in your life. In doing so, you invite more of the same frequency and energy. When we place demands on what we should have rather than what IS; we oppose life. In opposing life, we create suffering.

In order to transcend suffering, stop resisting what shows up in your life. ALLOW whatever shows up as a call for inner growth and your life’s lesson. The universe is perfect exactly the way it is despite our ego mind believing we can do a better job.

Transcend means to rise above and go beyond a limitation or obstacle. With that in mind, next time you’re faced with an insurmountable constraint choose not only to rise above it, but to go beyond the problem and see multiple, alternative scenarios.

Those who’ve achieved enlightenment talk about a consciousness which is non-linear; a consciousness which knows no limitations, no obstacles and is beyond time and space. It is my vision for you that you may call upon the same force when faced with such challenges in life.

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  1. Samantha says:

    agree with your comment on respecting ones body and mind – very well written

    • Tony Fahkry says:

      I’m glad you identify that this is important to you Samantha. Thanks for dropping in. Best wishes!

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