If You’re Looking For Permission To Leap Into Your Own Success, Here It Is!

Published on: December 10, 2017

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Develop A Deliberate Success Consciousness

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

Many people hope for success to rescue them from their dreary lives.

They put their life on hold until success comes along and declares them worthy of it.

Whilst I’m being facetious, it is relatable because many don’t realise success is something you earn through commitment, dedication and tenacious perseverance.

Many people don’t give themselves permission to be successful, because they prefer to play small, within their comfort zone.

What is stopping you from achieving the success you deserve?

Be honest with yourself.

You might say: ‘It’s the economy, a lack of education, fierce competition, or not having the right resources’ or many other reasons.

However, I’m certain there are people in your line of work who are flourishing. Why? Because they have the right mindset to succeed, and that is the primary reason you are not as successful as you’d like to be.

“People who are successful in life have one thing in common: They all seem to be doing something different and special with their neurocircuitry to maximize their potential and achieve their goals. We believe that’s what gives these people a Winner’s Brain,” writes authors Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske in The Winner’s Brain: 8 Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success.

Let me explain what I mean by the right mindset, so as not to confuse you. I am not referring to knowing the tools of the trade, since it is assumed you do.

The right mindset refers to having a success consciousness. If you consider those who are successful in your field, what is the one thing they have in common? A deliberate success consciousness that allows them to be at the top of their field. They believe in themselves and their vision for success.

Developing a success consciousness involves overcoming failures and setbacks while holding firm to a commanding vision for success. It must take place within you first to be realised externally.

Your lack of success may have it origins in the limiting beliefs you hold because you think success will change your life.

However, the limiting beliefs get in the way of awakening your greatest potential and must be examined to ascertain whether there’s any truth to them.

Self-Imposed Limitations Keep You Safe

“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” — Jim Rohn

You’ve heard it said that beliefs create your reality and by reinforcing them, you will feel unworthy of success. Unworthiness is tied to feelings of not being good enough and have their roots in a diminished self-confidence.

To overcome these beliefs, take purposeful action and move toward success, while attending to your mental landscape. You must nurture your thoughts and be attentive to what passes through the screenshot of your mind. Otherwise, you’ll succumb to disempowering thoughts related to your worthiness to attain success.

Brendon Burchard says in High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way: “No one can quiet you without your permission. No one can minimize your self-image but you. And no one can open you up and release your full power but you.”

I don’t care about your background, the fact you’re reading this now tells me part of you is attracted to the concept of success. Perhaps it has not manifested in your life at this point. That means little as long as you believe it is possible when you develop a success consciousness.

It requires removing the self-imposed limitations that keep you safe because playing it safe does little to assure you of the success you deserve. It keeps you trapped, stuck and stagnant, even when part of you yearns for something more.

Consequently, an internal battle ensues. I liken it to the tale of The Two Wolves And The One You Feed. Ultimately, the one you give more attention to will prevail.

If you’re looking for permission to leap into your own success, look no further than this point. You are worthy of success and everything it entails, yet you must embody it at a cellular level. It must become a mind and body experience, not something you merely hold in mind.

“Often, the journey to greatness begins the moment our preferences for comfort and certainty are overruled by a greater purpose that requires challenge and contribution,” explains Brendon Burchard.

When I say it must become a mind and body experience, I’m reminded of those I’ve crossed paths with over the years and complimented, whether for their performance or creative ability. Some people do not handle compliments well and shrug it off.

They doubt their ability and worthiness to be successful. On a conscious level, they long for success but have not reconciled it at a cellular level.

This is not an article on how to overcome your feelings of unworthiness, nor even a roadmap to break through to success, but something simpler. I’m here to grant you permission to be as successful as you can.

Success is your birthright. Don’t buy into the lie that you are unworthy or any other excuses why it is missing from your life.

The single biggest decision to make is decide you want it. Decide you are worthy of it and are capable of achieving it.

“You need no permission beyond that tingling hope in your soul,” affirms Brendon Burchard once more.

Decide On What You Want And Why You Want It

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.”— James Cameron

Stop focusing on your failures since this holds many people back. I liken it to driving from one point to another, looking in your rear vision mirror the entire trip wondering why you’re not getting to your destination.

You are smart enough to realise success is impossible to achieve this way. Yet, many people wonder why they haven’t achieved the success they deserve. It is because they focus on their setbacks and failures instead of seeing how they are signposts leading to success.

Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske explain: “Failure is an expected milestone on the path to success. Failing does not mean you can never succeed, it just means you don’t succeed every time. When you practice anticipating and accepting failure without fear or judgment, you leave the door open for success.”

If you decide you don’t want to be successful, be honest with yourself — there’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, if part of you has doubts about your ability to achieve it, there’s a conflict that must be reconciled.

You cannot expect to drive a car in forward and reverse simultaneously. You must decide on what gear to engage until you reach your goal.

Will setbacks and challenges show up?

You bet!

In fact, they are assured to the degree you will want to give up. But they are not there to stop you but to test you. To see how much you want success and how strong your vision and purpose is to realise your dream.

“You deserve extraordinary success just as much as anyone. And you don’t need anyone’s permission to start living life on your own terms. You just need a plan,” exclaims Brendon Burchard.

Whatever you want, declare it is possible and commit to it. Don’t stand on the sidelines hoping for the best because faith is not a precursor to success. Action, diligence, perseverance, commitment and a compelling self-belief are the trademarks of success.

You must decide on what you want and why you want it and be willing to trade something to gain something greater.

It is as simple and yet as complex as that.

If you are looking for permission to leap into your own success, you’ve come to the right place.

I trust in the coming days, weeks and months you will realise you are worthy of success and capable of achieving it – not for what it brings to your life, but because of whom you’ll become.

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