Stop Struggling Because What’s Meant To Be Will Always Find Its Way To You

See The World Differently

“Things happen the way they’re meant to. There’s a pattern and a shape to everything…Nothing happens without a reason…Nothing is impossible.” — Rosamunde Pilcher

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? I’ve asked this question to many people over the years, and everyone has a different answer. Some say life functions of its own accord and there is a higher power arranging the events of our life. This might describe a deterministic viewpoint, while an atheist believe they are in command of their life and the idea of a higher power is just an illusion. One thing is for certain: we are on a journey throughout life that ebbs and flows. Sometimes we get stuck and it might appear life is not going according to plan. We wrestle to get ourselves out of this state, when all that is required is to accept our circumstances. In other words, reality has a way of echoing our level of our awareness at any point in time. So, as we learn more, our consciousness expands and we experience life differently.

Can you identify with this? For example, you may have held a belief about something and, through setbacks and disappointments, realised a new perspective? Your new outlook isn’t your endpoint because things change as you gain more information. In fact, our work is never done and we can only take our personal evolution so far. Depending on our level of awareness, we attract circumstances based on our beliefs. For instance, recently I upgraded my computer’s hard drive HDD to a new SSD (Solid State Drive). An SSD uses integrated circuits to store data, instead of mechanical components, like a hard drive. Most old computers have a hard drive installed, while new computers have an SSD drive.

An SSD drive is considerably faster and efficient because there are no moving parts. My computer now starts (boots) in 8 seconds, where before it took 40 seconds or more to boot. The point I wish to emphasise is, since upgrading my drive, I’ve been able to do my work more efficiently. This explains what happens when we elevate our consciousness; we see the world through a different lens which enhances the quality of our life. We make better decisions that affect our relationships and other areas of our life.

Be Purposeful In Your Actions

“Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.” — Albert Schweitzer

Here’s the thing: most people adopt the outside-in approach to change their circumstances. But this approach seldom works because if we are not attending to our innermost thoughts, we will fall back on our old patterns. Expressed differently: our past has a way of following us, like the wake of a jet skier. It may also explain why some people believe we live in a holographic universe, whereby our inner world creates our outer world. So, whatever is meant for us will find its way to us, depending on our level of consciousness. If there’s one thing I wish to impress upon you in this article, it is this: as you improve yourself, you will attract better circumstances and not call it fate. Those who say things are just the way they are take a fatalist point of view of a higher power is pulling the strings. But I believe through the power of free will, we create our life’s conditions.

So how can you make adjustments to reflect the ideas proposed in this article? Continue to improve yourself by upgrading your beliefs as you learn more information. Challenge the beliefs and find evidence to support them. Take nothing for granted, even if it is something you’ve believed your entire life. As you learn more, you see life through a different lens. It will challenge your long-held beliefs about what you thought was true. But something miraculous happens; you will attract wonderful circumstances aligned with the highest truth.

This process called life is an inside-out job. I’ve seen evidence of it personally and in my work with clients. That is: as we learn and grow, we make informed choices that lead to a more fulfilling life. We stop living as victims and graduate to victor because our choices are aligned with our highest intentions. We become purposeful in our actions and stop bemoaning our misguided choices. Like the example of my computer running more efficiently with an SSD drive, I can do my work in a shorter amount of time because the computer is better equipped for the job. So, I ask you: are you willing to improve your thoughts? Are you willing to examine long-held beliefs and find evidence to support them? I assure you, what is meant to be will always find its way to you, irrespective of whether your thoughts are aligned with truth or falsehood. You decide, so choose wisely!

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