How to Attain Health From The Inside Out

Published on: January 23, 2012

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“Health is not valued till sickness comes.” – Thomas Fuller

This article is dedicated to the self improvement of all. Why? Recently, I’ve been made aware of the challenges people are continually facing; relationships, health, money, career, study and others. I realise we’re all doing the best we can given the resources available to us.

Those resources we often call upon consist of our mental faculty, awareness, perception, level of consciousness, health, thoughts and emotions to name a few. If any of these areas are of out of alignment, there’s disruption in the human ecosystem i.e. your mind and body.

Over the years I noticed when working with clients once we addressed the emotional and mental concern of weight related issues, typically most of their physical issues resolved themselves. I believe as a health professional, most of one’s health issues are mental and emotional in nature.

The problem pertaining to obesity and overweight may be related to thoughts and emotions. For example, the young woman who is mildly overweight and slightly depressed who struggles to develop a loving relationship. Without generalisation, it is my contention to use this as a thought experiment; nothing more. I do not wish to offend nor generalise about a population.

Her health concerns are connected at some level. Her weight issues are affected by her mental state (i.e. depressed) while her weight issue is affected by her emotional state (i.e. perhaps feels unworthy, lacks self esteem or does not like herself).

What affects us in an attempt to make progress in life is to be CONSCIOUSLY aware of what is holding you back. This requires introspection and honesty. It takes a great degree of self honesty to admit you’re unhappy, with a view of healing that which needs to be resolved. That is the biggest challenge and albeit may also open up a can of worms.

Here’s an analogy to consider. What would happen to your computer if you continually downloaded illegal music, software, games and other related items over time? I’m certain every person reading this article has at some stage or another fallen prey to use of pirated information. Whilst I don’t condone the use of pirated software, as a side note I urge you to consider this view from the famous Brazilian author Paulo Coelho in answer to the current S.O.P.A. bill by the US Senate (Stop Online Piracy Act).

The point I’m making is that over time your computer would become infected with a number of known viruses, ultimately disrupting its day to day function. It would become slow, be prone to disruptions in its operation and may occasionally be inclined to stop working all together.

Whilst we’re a considerably more functional and organic beings with a mind; comparing us to a computer system remains simple and trivial given the complexity of our lives. For the sake of drawing a comparison we can all relate to, our lives fall prey to the same intricacies as that of computers. If you don’t continually clean your computer or setup antivirus software, the risk of losing all your precious data is inevitable. It therefore becomes a ROUTINE habit.

Our lives are also the same (save the hardware and wiring issues associated with a computer!). We must become vigilant in our efforts to improve our life via continual self examination and personal growth. Using the computer example, we should strive to become aware of the virus/es (thoughts, limiting beliefs) by applying self examination (regularly running a virus scan). Once we’ve identified the culprit (thoughts), our aim is to venture inward in order to stop that malicious program from wreaking havoc again.

If left unchecked, the virus grows and gathers momentum, until it shuts down the entire system or in our case the person. By that time rebuilding one’s emotional state and its associated physiological disturbance, becomes painstakingly challenging.

Recognising this as a recurring theme in people’s lives, last year I created a program to address these issues in order to give people back the PERSONAL POWER missing from their lives.

I felt it was crucial to guide others toward their journey of self fulfillment by providing them the resources they need. The truth of the matter is that NO diet, pill, potion or immediate weight loss remedy will EVER provide you with lasting health.

The media has perpetuated the instant gratification model throughout the last forty years, at the risk of society falling victim to consumerism and a quick fix model.

Nature does not work that way. This is evident by the wondrous landscape, mountains, trees and forests which took hundreds of years to form. I reiterate that we are Nature. You cannot create any LASTING health changes by a quick fix. Reread that passage again until you have a deep understanding of it. Nothing GOOD can be acquired in a short amount of time when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

If you’re currently facing health challenges, know it is a call to heal something within you which you have neglected or unconsciously repressed. Once you address these issues, there is a deep transformation at the level of the mind, body and soul.

If you desire to know more, download your FREE copy of my eBook Mind & Body Health eBook. The eBook shows you how to reclaim your health and wellbeing the way nature intended. There are no pills, potions, formulas or diets. You need only have an open mind, time and patience – for the answers you seek are contained within you.

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