The Value of Following Through

Published on: January 8, 2011

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“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavour.” – Vince Lombardi

Only 10% Of The Population Succeeds

There’s a story told how Donald Trump walked into a room of paying members to hear him talk about how to access wealth. The auditorium was filled with close to twenty thousand people. He asked the audience who was here to learn how to make money? Obviously everyone’s hand went up. The next bit was the most interesting part. He stated that less than 10% of people present would follow through with their intention and that those people should go home!

Apparently each person had paid close to $1,000 each to hear Donald speak – just to be told to leave and you’ll never make it. Rather startling if you’re one of those people in the audience. The truth of the matter is; he’s right. I read an article yesterday written by John Assaraf who featured in the film The Secret. John is an international best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur who amassed a fortune in the millions.

He states that of 100 people who indicated they would like to make a $1,000,000 dollars a year, only 3 of those people will actually follow through on their conviction and succeed. Here’s his breakdown:

  • 20% of the 100 will have excusitus of some sort                                                
  • Of the remaining 80 people, 16% will eventually drop off       
  • Of the 64 who remain, 32 people will give up within 6 months
  • Of the 32 remaining, 90% of them will give up since they decided to do it their way

Therefore of the original 100 who started, only 3 have what it takes to follow through. According to John, only3% of the total population actually has what it takes to LISTEN, LEARN, APPLY and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. I find that interesting and intriguing at the same time. I am not endorsing John Assaraf or his teachings in anyway. I could be reciting a story about Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins or Brian Tracy as far as I’m concerned. I thought the statistics used were compelling enough to warrant a blog post.

My interest lies in health, personal development and self awareness. I am here to reach critical mass in order to teach people how to realise THEIR greatest potential. Along my journey of working with clients in a one on one relationship, I saw the same health scenarios unfold in their lives. Those who really wanted to lose weight, become fitter, healthier or recovery from injury, were faced with a range of obstacles along the way.

At first everything goes well. You begin to see physical changes within your body. You’re eating right, sleeping right and hopefully thinking right. Then suddenly, out of nowhere a major challenge is faced and you’re derailed from your goal. You begin making excuses as to how busy you are, how little time you have available or that other pressing matters are too important than your health. Soon enough all your good work is thrown out the door and you are right where you started.

It’s about this stage that your mind throws its two cents worth into the equation, by validating how difficult it is to achieve those goals anyway. You really didn’t want to achieve that goal after all – the mental list goes on. Welcome to how 90% or more of the world’s population think.

Finding Your Way Forward

One of the reasons why I found personal development and health a perfect union, is based on the afore mentioned scenario. When you work on yourself at the mental and physical aspect, wonderful things start to happen. What initially seems like obstacles, now turn into opportunities. Challenges give rise to inner growth and transformation; instead of setback. You edge closer to that vision of self you once entertained when planning your journey.

The truth of the matter is this – the person who succeeds in life, in their goals, their vision and mastery of self – is the person who follows through and sticks with it, NO MATTER WHAT. Read that sentence again aloud and commit it to memory. In order for you to achieve any goal, your WHY must be greater than any challenge or obstacle life throws at you. Otherwise you’ll crumble at the first sign of resistance.

Your WHY must be so great that you’ll leap out of bed before your alarm goes off each morning. Your setbacks will signal personal growth when they show up in your life. Your mind begins to see the seed of opportunity in each failure or setback. As Tony Robbins says: there is no such thing as failure, only undesired outcomes.

So, do you follow through? Are you constantly looking for excuses when the going gets tough? Do you sabotage or thwart your success when things start going well? Personal development is personal growth. It is recognising challenges and inner obstacles which hold you back. It’s about tending to them as a gardener would when weeds begin to emerge. Your mind is the garden and the weeds are the sabotaging, limiting thoughts and beliefs you’ve planted over time.

Whatever challenge you face right now, be it a health challenge, relationship, career, money or otherwise – turn inward and look within to see where the resistance is coming from. Pull out the weeds and replace them with fresh, empowering thoughts of success and excellence. You deserve to be the best you can be – the only thing holding you back is YOU. Release the shackles and one by one they’ll begin to dissolve as you draw closer to the greatness that awaits you.




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