How To Discover Your True Passion

Published on: October 22, 2012

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“Never, never, never give up”Winston Churchill

I’m sure you’ve been advised at least once by your friends or family to follow your passion. But what exactly is your passion? Think about it- most of us don’t even know what our passion is. How can you discover your passion and follow it? Here is how you can discover what you really want to do with your life:

Return to your childhood

As we get old, we start living our lives practically. Consider stepping out of the practical world and think back to how you were during your childhood. What did you like the most? What did you spend your time doing? Think about the events and foods of your childhood. Can those passions be converted into career choices?

Who are you jealous of?

Are you jealous of someone because they are excelling in a particular field? Why are you jealous of them? Is it about just money and fame, or something more than that? I know jealousy is a negative emotion, but sometimes it lets you discover what you really want. Are you jealous that your friend started his blog? Maybe writing is your passion. Start a blog, write poems, short stories, or whatever your heart desires. Or do you turn green because the other guy can cook really well? In that case, cooking may be your passion.

Use a creativity board

Take a big poster board and use it to post whatever you can. Add sayings, images, poems, articles, inspirational quotes, and whatever inspires and motivates you. When you do that, you can derive a theme from that board. With the help of that, you’ll understand what your underlying passion is. Your board will soon grow and things will become more focused. It will let you concentrate on what you really want from life.

What are you good at?

Don’t count things at which you’re good at, but have little desire for. For example, if you are really good at cooking but you don’t like cooking, it may not be your passion. Are there interest which you consider yourself really good at? Do people compliment you on it? Do you like drawing cartoons and illustrating? One of my clients reached back to her childhood and told me that she illustrated really well. She drew cartoons and everybody complimented her for them. I suggested that she should draw some cartoons everyday and follow her passion. She has been drawing for over a year, and last month, her work was published in a famous magazine. Your passion may provide an income, and it may not- but it will always provide immense pleasure.

I have noted that many people love photography. They have those big cameras with them and are very enthusiastic about taking good photographs. I say that’s a photographer in the making. If photography is your passion, follow it with interest. Maybe take come classes, and make sure that you become a great photographer.

When do you lose the track of time?

When you are working at your 9-5 job, you’re orientated on the wall clock all the time. But what is it that makes you lose track of time? Do you like dancing? Or maybe playing games? What makes you forget about the clock? There are many things that bring out the child in you. Focus and excel in those things. If dancing is your passion, make sure you turn out to be an experienced dancer- maybe not professionally, but it should just fulfil your dreams.

Who motivates you?

Whom do you idolise? Do you have a role model? Try to follow them. Whatever they do might be your passion. You just need to understand what draws you so much toward them. Maybe they are social workers and you just want to be more into social service and help people. If your role model is a singer, maybe you always wanted to be a singer but never went that way because you were afraid of failing. Even if you don’t want to make it your profession, it is always a good idea to not let that passion die. If you are a singer at heart, sing a little each day.

Take a break

When you are on a quest to discover your passion, just take a break from your business. Keep in mind that your passion may or may not fetch you money and fame. But what it must fetch is satisfaction. If you discover your passion and follow it, you will feel more liberated, happy, and peaceful. Meet that internal peace you always wanted.

Keep in mind that you might have more than one passion. And you can excel at all of them. Or you can just find the biggest passion and follow that. The main thing is that you should feel satisfied.

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