20 Life Principles To Live By

Published on: May 23, 2011

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“It is easier to fight for one’s principles than to live up to them.” – Alfred Adler

It’s been some time since I wrote a blog article. I’ve mainly focussed on the video blogs, which will develop further in the coming months.

I wish to post a written blog today, with follow-up video blogs in the coming weeks on certain aspects of the list below. I won’t produce a video blog on all twenty items as I feel that will be far too lengthy and time consuming.

Instead, I’ll focus on the core features which are relevant to you. I might choose half of the list below by posting a 3 – 4 minute video presentation on each.

The list appears in no specific order. My contention is when you begin to incorporate all these elements in your life; your mind and body function as it was designed to do.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that health is not an event, rather a process which happens over time. If you begin incorporating one of the following features immediately into your life slowly and gradually; you’ll no doubt reap the long term reward.

If you’re currently practising some of the following principles; perfect! You’re a step ahead. Some of you may disagree with some of these principles. I invite you to be challenged by them but not dismiss them entirely.

Don’t take my word for it, despite being versed in the area. Put them to practise to see if they work for YOU. Allow a reasonable time for your body to adjust to a new behaviour. Don’t quit in a week’s time, citing I was wrong and this doesn’t work.

Approach your body’s health with a scientific mind. Try various things to see if it works, noting any changes over time. Keeping a journal is a good way to keep a track of your experiments.

A recent example for me was using Aloe Vera juice. I’d read numerous literature on the subject which all promised great results. I tried it on and off for three months, noting how I felt; even the slightest change was observed (note: I don’t expect you to be vigilant in taking notes daily for that would be going overboard). After considerable effort I now regularly use Aloe Vera juice as a digestive tonic to maintain the ph level of my digestive system.

Please stay tuned for the video blogs in the coming weeks. If there’s any specific topic you’d like me to do a video blog about, within the list below, feel free to drop me a note. I’d be more than happy to address that topic if I received numerous requests on that subject.

In the interim, to your continued health and happiness

1. Train your mind and body as they are one

2. Tend to your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality

3. Practise self awareness and mindfulness

4. Develop regular spiritual practise

5. Personal growth connects mind and body

6. Exercise regularly using functional 3D movement. Form and function are essential

7. Be in nature. You are nature

8. Nutrition is everything. Eat organic food, rich in nutrients

9. Reduce stress in your life. Let go of worry and anxiety

10. Meditate often to still the mind

11. Let go of that which no longer serves you

12. Happiness comes from within, not ‘out there’

13. Drink purified water regularly rich in minerals

14. Sleep eight hours a night. Get to bed by 10.30pm

15. Reduce the use of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) devices

16. Read books which challenge your mind

17. Laugh regularly, yes even at yourself!

18. Surround yourself with loved ones. Being social is good for you

19. Get some sun. Vitamin D is essential for the body

20. Take good vitamin supplements where you’re lacking in essential vitamins & nutrients




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