Why Your Emotions Are Simply Energy In Motion

Published on: November 26, 2010

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“Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.” – Roger Ebert

Emotions may be defined as energy in motion (e-motion). Emotions are triggered by thoughts at the conscious and subconscious level. When we experience an emotion, it is absolute and we rarely question the integrity of that feeling.

Many of us have learned to suppress our emotions in the hope we will not have to deal with whatever is seeking representation in our lives. Our emotions are a call to express a deeper part of us, which seeks outward expansion of oneself.

An emotion is absolute and cannot be reasoned with. Have you ever tried to reason with an angry person? Or perhaps you’ve seen a particular item when shopping that you had to have? Logic may have interceded announcing you cannot afford it or you already have a similar item at home. Yet your emotions believed otherwise.

I invite you to become aware of how you feel in any given moment, by simply becoming grounded in the present. Notice the type of emotion seeking expression through you and where it lies within your body. Our body stores emotional energy in the form of chakras, which are located at certain centres within the human body.

Via meditation, one can become centred and more in tune with these chakra points to understand where energy is stored. I personally find when I am stressed, anxious or angry I will store the corresponding energy in my stomach (solar plexus) which is assigned to a range of emotional and physiological functions.

I will discuss this more in upcoming posts, but for now take a moment to read through the following material on chakras and their functions.

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