Reconstructing The Past To Create A Remarkable Future

Foreword by Dr. Joe Vitale from The Secret movie.

Contained within every personal transformation account, lies a narrative of healing past wounds. Whilst we cannot change the past, we have the power to choose how to remember it.

As we look to create a significant life, we become less attached to how it arrives, since we place our trust in universal wisdom to unfold through us.

As Marcel Proust points out, “We are healed of a suffering by experiencing it in full.” Thus, our willingness to experience the past by refusing to hold on to it, becomes the pivotal point for creating a remarkable future.

Letting go of the need to change our present circumstances liberates us from longing to struggle. Striving is our opposition to life. Striving creates inner turmoil since we stay “stuck” in the past, unable to navigate ahead toward a compelling future.

The first half of the book speaks to the opening title by re-framing the past to create a purposeful future. There is power in acknowledging our present circumstances to create empowering life choices.


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