Why The World Desperately Needs More Kind And Compassionate People

Published on: December 22, 2012

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Feeling Empathy When Someone Else Is Suffering

“Empathy is simply listening, holding space, withholding judgment, emotionally connecting, and communicating that incredibly healing message of you’re not alone.” — Brene Brown

It seems compassion and kindness are a virtue not practised as frequently as it was in years past. Times are tough with the impact of the pandemic and people are working longer hours to make ends meet. Tired, frustrated, and apathetic, when an opportunity arises to show compassion, some people just don’t have it in them anymore. Everyone has their cross to bear, and it’s part of the human condition on this earth. Whether it is emotional, mental, or a physical hardship, most people are simply doing the best they can with the resources available to them.

I’d like to discuss the need for more compassion in society. Keeping in mind that everyone is suffering with something and to have premeditated judgments or turn a blind eye is not virtuous. It can be selfish. For example, let’s say a young single mother of two children is not working and has no money to buy her children Christmas presents. Some people may judge her as lazy and foolish, but others may have compassion and help her out. In fact, a handful of people put their money together and purchase a Christmas tree and presents for the children, so they can have a delightful Christmas.

These people could have judged her and raise their eyebrows, but they chose compassion instead. What effect do you think this could have on the single mother and the children? This act of compassion could have significant positive effects on them. The mother, who probably does not like herself much, would feel loved, and so would her children. That is priceless. Compassion is simply feeling empathy when someone else is suffering. For example, are you a compassionate person? Does your heart go out to those who show signs of struggle and suffering? Do you actively engage in compassionate acts, or do you pass judgment or hope others will help them?

Random Acts Of Kindness

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” — Amelia Earhart

You don’t have to be compassionate, but doing so creates good karma. There really is some truth to the saying: “judge not, lest you be judged” and “you sow what you reap.” As you engage in kindness and compassion, you emanate love and positive energy to another person, and it acts like a seed. That seed can grow and that person will reap the rewards from your compassion, but so will you. To be compassionate is laying down the selfish nature and rising to the challenge of displaying love for the sake of the greater good. One person can’t change the world, but if each person allowed compassion to be a primary motive in their life, the world would be more peaceful and joyous. 

Many religions consider compassion in high regard and call followers to live a selfless life, serving others with love. Similarly, Buddhism equates compassion with enlightenment. The more compassionate you are, the more conscious you are. Christianity and other religions call for followers to humbly serve others above themselves. The saying: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” is a perfect way to practice the benefits of compassion. As you become a more compassionate being, your life will reap more happiness, joy, and fulfilment. Your mind and body will respond to higher frequencies, and your reality will reflect these changes. 

Take a few moments and gauge how compassionate you are. Do you care about the state of others who are suffering? Do your actions back that up? Or do you judge and complain about others when they need help? Sometimes, everyone needs help; including you. If you’ve ever been the recipient of compassion, you understand how important it is. Decide today that you will be a compassionate person. Love and give to those who need help and even those who don’t need it. Perform random acts of kindness because you can. Give and receive the joy that comes from giving and being compassionate. It’s a wonderful way to live and the world really will become a happier place.

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