Why The Fog Is Only Temporary. Sit In It

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Dominica Applegate is a writer, author, poet, and speaker with a deep passion for discovering and sharing authentic spiritual truth. She has been discovering herself under all sorts of odd layers and loves to share her stories and lessons learned with anyone that will listen. She loves reading, contemplating, walking in nature, family time, travelling, meditation, and Reiki. Connect with Dominica at her website and Facebook 

Why are we here on this earth? What is our purpose? These types of questions are very popular in every culture on this planet. This journey called life with its twists and turns is quite a trip, isn’t it? We plod along through childhood to adulthood experiencing a wide range of events learning, growing, falling, getting up, and so on.

Here in the West we live in a society that tries very hard to mould us into polished and quite honestly, brainwashed men and women. Go with the crowd, listen to the media and governmental officials. Don’t buck the system; the system works. Oh, does it really?

At some point, most everyone begins to ask themselves questions. For whatever reason they begin to start searching for truth in the world and for themselves. Many times its painful circumstances that cause us to stop for just a minute and begin to contemplate life.

Foggy mornings

I’m up in the mountains this weekend loving some solitude and peace. This morning there is a thick fog hovering over the home and as I sat outside taking in the gorgeous morning, it dawned on me that many times I’m in a spiritual fog. My perspective is skewed and I just can’t see beyond my present circumstances or selfish ego. The fog made it impossible for me to see the beautiful view that I normally see in the mornings, so I closed my eyes and envisioned it. I know it’s there beyond the fog and I know it will be visible in a few hours.

Likewise, when I get into a foggy area in life, I tend to NOT act so graceful. No, I might act out, get pissed, frustrated, and want to give in to negativity. I choose not to see beyond the fog. I choose to believe the trying time or annoying situation will continue forever and that gets me into a funk. I’ve yet to fully realise that foggy mornings turn into gorgeous days.

Sit in the fog

I sat in the fog this morning and enjoyed the stillness and majesty of nature. I watched clouds of fog come toward me and envelop me. I likened it to the Spirit and the powerful energies that are continually flowing in, through, and around us. It hit me that I haven’t taken the time to just…sit….still…for weeks and weeks. I have let busyness get the best of me and it has taken its toll on my mind, body, and spirit.  Oh, getaways are great, but what about everyday life? Is my purpose to let the hustle and bustle overpower me? Crunch out personal, meditative time? Do I really need to be so busy? Even if I’m busy with “good” things, do I compromise time solely for prayer, meditation, and just sitting quietly appreciating life? Good lord I need to make time to sit in the fog on a daily basis!

You want answers?

If you want answers as to your life purpose or just what your next step in life is, you have to make some time for you. Time to just sit and be still. Time to walk in nature and feel your connection with the divine. Time to contemplate, breathe deeply, and completely relax. Quiet your mind. Shush the negative thoughts. If you want answers, you must discipline yourself and make this a priority.

This life journey is simply a journey and believe it or not, you are in control more than you think. If things are not the way you like them, make some changes. I give you permission to change! Get up earlier, stay up later, lock yourself in a bubble bath in the bathroom and tell the kids “This is MY TIME! Go find something to do!” Go away for a few days. Go for a walk. Turn the TV and computer off. Leave your cell phone at home or turn it off. We are addicted to technology people. Make some changes!

Add value to humanity

I’ve recently rediscovered a passion that I’d put on the shelf for over half a decade. A passion to foster healing in humanity. A passion to add value to humanity on a daily basis in various ways. I mean healing in the sense of mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes we just need help on this journey and I happen to love helping people become whole mentally, physically, and spiritually. So I am.

I am willing to step into some unknown territories and the adventure is thrilling. The fog is lifting, and soon there will be a beautiful sunrise. Today is a brand new day on my journey and I’m fully in, awakening more and more, and smiling as I hear the birds singing shouts of praise. I don’t necessarily have to have concrete answers when it comes to life purpose, but I do understand that adding value to humanity is everyone’s purpose. So let’s do it!

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