Why The Power Of One Thought Can Change Everything

One Thought Can Change Everything

“The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” — Marcus Aurelius

It is said you will truly experience life when you stop living in your thoughts and words. What does this mean? Look at your hand. What do you see? Undeniably, it is a hand but even that description is vague. Is it a small or a large hand? A gentle or rough hand? A hand with long or short fingers? How do the palmar flexion creases appear? There are many attributes to a hand and our experience of it is reflected in our thoughts. Most people who read this article will observe their hands differently to others. Some might like the way their hands look, others are told their hands are chubby, skinny or otherwise. You get the point. The world we see out there reflects the world we inhabit within.

The person you call “I” is the sum of your past conditioning. For this reason, I oppose the notion of free will because we are conditioned to be who are, not who we want to be. Granted, you might say despite our childhood conditioning a person can rewrite their past and create a new future. While that may be, you are nevertheless dealing with decades of conditioning sewn into your psyche. Furthermore, there are no assurances the person you become is reflected in the choices you make. While I may have painted a grim picture of the future, great possibilities exist within the recesses of our minds.

For example, there are documented cases of people who experience sudden awakenings or altered states of consciousness brought on without outside interference. The power of one thought can change everything because that thought alone can ignite other thoughts, and set alight a cascade of similar thoughts with life-changing effects. One thought alone is like a seed dropped into the ground that germinates the mind and awakens our true potential. Albert Einstein experienced these moments when he conducted thought experiments, his most notable being: Chasing After A Beam Of Light.

How does all this relate to you? Your thoughts are incredibly powerful in a multitude of ways. The power of the subconscious mind is potent to the degree that it can bring about spontaneous healings and effortlessly figure out complex problems. Therefore, be mindful of the music you listen to. The words you hear interspersed within the songs can be hypnotising (unintentionally) and unbeknownst to your conscious mind. The television programs you watch and the people you surround yourself with have the same impact. You are the result of your external environment. One thought can change everything because it can set your world ablaze with excitement and wonder. But you must be ready for the thought when it emerges, since it will transform your life unlike anything you’ve ever known.

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