My Life’s Greatest Lessons

“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.”Cherokee Expression

Knowing there are no mistakes removes the burden from having to strive to make things happen. You learn to let go of frustration, disappointment, anger and anxiety to trust all will be worked out for your greatest good when the time is right. Universal timing affirms there is a rhythm and a cycle to life which is independent of your own timeline. What may seem as a dead-end or roadblock may actually be a blessing in disguise. Not receiving what you want may sometimes allow something greater and more substantial to make its way into your life. The challenge is we are not often privy to the behind-the-scenes details. Frustration and disappointment ensues since we feel that our desires are not manifesting as we had imagined. But timing is everything as you know.

I have witnessed it in my own life, that everything I ever wanted either made its way into my life at a later stage when I was mentally and emotionally in the right place. Concurrently, there were desires which never manifested in the form I believed them to be, since I was resisting, thus blocking the flow of universal intelligence. As I learned to let go of my attachments to outcomes and simply surrender, even greater resources made their way in to my life with effortless abandonment. In this section, I would like you to consider a number of key lessons that will serve you well as you come to appreciate there are no mistakes in life. The following principles are useful guides to consider as you create your remarkable life. As with most things, releasing and surrendering your attachment to outcomes, will yield positive outcomes, since the universe specialises in the mysterious and unexpected. Like watching a pot that never boils, expectations and outcomes also have the capacity to limit your flow of life.

I want you to reflect on what has been your greatest life lessons so far? Perhaps it was learning to love, discovering a hidden talent, being independent, not judging others, living in the moment, not taking others for granted or other notable ones. The following points are lessons that have served me well throughout life, yet came at a cost of great inner pain and turmoil at the time. Like most people, I resisted what was happening to me, believing there was a better way each time. Oh how wrong I was to think I knew better. Life, as you know is a great teacher, it gives you the experience before the lesson. Life has become more enjoyable and rewarding over the years as I slowly adopted these principles into my life.

[bctt tweet=”There are no mistakes in this universe – everything is perfect and unfolds at precisely the right time and place.” username=”tonyfahkry”]In hindsight, I needed to have those lessons. There are no mistakes in this universe – everything is perfect and unfolds at precisely the right time and place.

Life unfolds as it should, not according to your schedule – Have you ever wished things would happen quicker? You may become impatient believing you are never going to receive your desires. You give up hope of it ever manifesting. Just when you give up, your wish appears miraculously at the right time. Looking back on the theme of my life, this is one of the most powerful lessons I have encountered. I compared myself to others in my youth, believing I was not talented or smart as other the kids. Over time, I developed many talents, which came through sheer determination and tenacity. In many cases, my understanding of concepts and ideas were deep and long lasting, since I took my time in acquiring the experience. In many instances I outperformed other kids whom I earlier compared myself to. Life had taught me to practice infinite patience and the price of valuing my self-worth.

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” ― Haruki Murakami

Gratitude draws more abundance into your life – It was not until my early thirties that I began to appreciate and observe this universal principle. Practising daily gratitude, whether through meditation, emotions, journalling or otherwise, allows more of what you value to flow into your life unimpeded. Human behaviour expert Dr John Demartini from the movie The Secret reminds us, “Whatever you don’t appreciate, depreciates.” Therefore I have become grateful for the smallest things, such as loving relationships, my health, the nutritious food I eat, the job I perform and the people in my life. I allow more abundance to flow into my life since I align with positive emotions and energy, which brings forth more of the same frequency. Your emotions are a communicating gateway to the universe – it is an inner acknowledgement of thanks that everything is exactly as it should be. If you were conversing with the Universal Intelligence, the conversation might be something like, “I’m pretty cool with all this great abundance you’re sending me. Thanks, I get it and appreciate it.” Appreciation and gratitude flows from the heart. As a side note, the heart has by far the strongest magnetic field of any organ; it is 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s frequency. The organisation “HeartMath” has conducted numerous studies in this area. Therefore, when you FEEL an expansive positive energy radiating in your heart area, otherwise known as the heart chakra in Eastern traditions, you radiate that goodness into the universe. The FEELING may be akin to the emotion felt when in the company of a loved one or similarly when you are feeling appreciated and loved.

The world is a beautiful and amazing place – Why? Because this should become your point of reference in choosing your outlook on reality. You choose to create any belief or image of the world as you see fit, so why not choose an empowering thought or belief and infuse it with the appropriate energy? It should not matter that tens of millions of people believe otherwise; creating an enriching reality at the level of the mind must become your primary focus if you are to move toward creating a remarkable future. Do not be dissuaded by what reality presents you with, since your present day reality is merely the amalgamation of your past thoughts and beliefs represented in the present moment. You have the power to change your future through directed attention and awareness to the present moment. Listen, I don’t care where you’ve come from or where you’re going. I don’t care if you’ve scaled the highest mountain or swam across the ocean. I want to know about your inner world. How do you paint your picture of life from within? This is what matters. You see, for the enlightened, even disasters and tragedies are a part of the mystery of the universe. They appreciate there is a force and energy within the universe that our limited minds cannot appreciate. The world is beautiful when you suspend your ego, which tries to convince you otherwise. The beauty of life is contained within you and radiated outward, like a fire hose with great pressure – the water has no place to go, but to gush out at high intensity. I want you to regard life in the same manner; with unbridled enthusiasm and passion.

[bctt tweet=”You have the power to change your future through directed attention and awareness to the present moment.” username=”tonyfahkry”]Less serves as more – You may have noticed in your twenties life was dominated by the speed of life, travel, work, play and socialising. It was about how you could travel from one destination to the next in the shortest amount of time in order to commence the next adventure. You may have missed out on the journey, which occurred in-between along the way since your focus was on the future. You may have failed to appreciate the smallest details around you. Many people report an emptiness during this period of the life. As a result depression sets in since they have convinced themselves that life is not all as it is cracked up to be. Nowadays, these same people report a meditative aspect of doing less; yet achieving more. What do I mean by less? Less worry, less anxiety, less work, less effort. Take time to observe nature and you will see the same principle working effortlessly. A tree does not force its way out of the ground to grow. When the conditions are right, it slowly and surely emerges from the soil into a beautiful tree bearing fruit and shade for other animals and people. On a personal note, as I learned to slow down to the rhythm of life, I discovered that I was able to achieve more in my life while doing less. Had I bought into the ideas of mainstream culture, I would have been burnt out, working in a job I hated and in a relationship which did not serve my personal evolution. There is a lot to be said about bucking the trend of travelling fast through life and missing all the great experiences in-between. Go with your heart – it knows best.

I would like you to reflect on what has been your most valuable lessons over the years, which still serve you well?

How have they shaped the person you are today?

Were those lessons essential for your personal growth?

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