Why Life Is A Mirror Reflecting Your Inner World

Published on: November 6, 2016

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“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.”—Ernest Holmes

“Why are you so wary of thought?” said the philosopher. “Thought is the only way we have for organising the world.” “True. But thought can organise the world so well that you are no longer able to see it.” To his disciples he later said. “A thought is a screen, not a mirror; that is why you live in a thought envelope, untouched by Reality.” This delightful tale by Anthony de Mello underscores the message: life is a filter reflecting your innermost thoughts. People consider their problems to come from outside conditions. They try in vain to change the world surrounding them in hope things will improve. This seldom works because their thoughts are out of alignment. It was the French-born novelist Anais Nin who said: “You do not see the world as it is. You see it as you are.” What you hold in mind comes to life irrespective of your preferences. “External conditions mirror internal conditions, so straightening your room settles internal disorder” affirms authors Charlene Belitz and Meg Lundstrom in, The Power of Flow: Practical Ways to Transform Your Life with Meaningful Coincidence. If you agree the world is volatile, you will look for evidence to substantiate this. You might tune into the news and hear of unfortunate incidents that confirm your beliefs.

The Power Of Belief

However, other people claim life is wonderful and attract pleasant experiences as a result. They are not Pollyannaish but choose happiness over adversity. So, here we have two people attracting different circumstances. It is because their predominant beliefs dictate their reality. We are continually shaping the world around us as a result of conscious and unconscious thoughts. Reality is but a mirror reflecting on our inner world. If we entertain distorted thoughts, we ought to correct them to align with the truth. If we don’t, they are likely to lead us down the rabbit hole of despair. The choice is ours. Reality brings forth external conditions according to our thoughts. Life is neither fair nor unfair. It merely provides confirmation of our thoughts as the user and experiencer. I enjoy author Michael Neill’s perspective in The Space Within: Finding Your Way Back Home in which he writes:“Since our experience of life is really an experience of Thought, the more we have on our mind, the more complicated everything seems, and the more the aperture of our consciousness tends to contract. Before we know it, all we can see when we look out into the world is our own thinking reflected back to us in the fun-house mirror of our own self-consciousness.” Consider those who were once ill and become healthy again, when their thoughts begin to mirror a new health consciousness. It was Albert Einstein who said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” It makes sense to examine our thoughts to improve our conditions.

Free Will or Free Choice?

“Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.”—Earl Nightingale

Life abounds due to its dualistic nature of equal and opposites. The day gives way to the night and each complement the other. If there were only night, how would we appreciate the light of day? Some people hold strongly to the notion of free will. I am of the opinion it is the illusion of free will, whereby our unconscious beliefs are reflected to us as free choice. What I mean is, our choices are the result of deep-seated beliefs from a young age. Our beliefs are unconscious because they are formed during an impressionable period. We had little choice in the matter because our upbringing was not of our control. Life offers us feedback to the congruency of our thoughts, so we can take action to correct them. Many people are dogmatic in their thinking and consider their thoughts are fixed. This is erroneous because millions of people have overcome limiting beliefs to create empowering lives. Our life is a sequence of: outcomes, symbols and shadows. Good or bad moments do not exist. Reality provides us feedback to help us right the wrong and create new circumstances based on a shift in awareness. Personal development and self-improvement becomes the vehicle towards lasting change, if we are prepared to do the inner work. The obstacle becomes our path. The journey shows us the way. We are masters of our fate. Should we resign ourselves to play the victim, life will assuredly offer us evidence of this. We are playing a game in which many are unaware of the rules.

Thoughts Create The Future

We create the future with each new thought. This is a powerful faculty to override circumstances we do not wish to carry forward. It is the American author Neale Donald Walsch who reminds us: “Life proceeds out of your intentions for it. This is the fuel that drives the engine of creation in your life.” Negative thoughts shine the light on our unconscious mind. They contain lessons to enhance our personal evolution and create a new reality. Life is a miraculous entity based on universal laws. When we abide by them, we co-create circumstances under these laws. If we align with negativity, we attract that into our reality. The cynic finds this unwelcoming, but the optimist recognises it as an opportunity to correct their thoughts. People seldom investigate their thoughts. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it they proclaim. If we do not examine our fundamental thoughts, they will become habitual. As creatures of habit this is bound to show up in our reality sooner or later. Life is a by-product of what we hold in mind. As within so without states the Hermetic aphorism. The Master conveyed to his disciples, a thought is a screen, not a mirror. We live in the landscape of our thoughts until they merge to become reality. We must choose our thoughts wisely while healing the unconscious because life has a way of catching up to us if we are unaware. It is my hope that you enjoy what unfolds and become awake to the natural flow of life.




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