How To Place Your Order With The Universe

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell

Life keeps throwing you lemons – you suspect. You’re sick and tired of being in rut, thinking the same thoughts. Feeling uninspired; emotionally drained and lacking direction. Don’t despair – you’re simply experiencing an internal shift.

From time to time, you experience episodes which appear that your world is sinking. You feel helpless and unable to navigate the journey ahead toward greener pastures. You can’t quite put your finger on it, yet something isn’t right – you know that part at least. Things seem harder and require much effort than usual. Everything is a chore. You’re swayed into emotional turbulence at the slightest episode when things not going according to plan.

You’ll be pleased to know that life isn’t always smooth sailing. Now that’s certainly not a disclaimer for a personal development blog is it. The truth of the matter is that like all journeys, the intention to reach one’s destination is usually heralded by a goal or plan. You never anticipate there’ll be rough waters ahead. That you might have to sail your boat in an opposing direction in order to reach your destination.

Your journey is one fraught with great lessons – we often forget that aspect of it. If you’ve ever read the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, you’ll no doubt recall the young shepherd boy searching the world for treasure and his personal legend. Ultimately he discovers that in his quest, his treasure was back where he started. He realises during his journey he has become wise, learning a great deal about the world. The journey has not gone to waste.

I am reminding you that every effort, every step, every so called failure is drawing you closer to your treasure – your pot of gold. Nothing is wasted. No effort has been in vain. There is a rhythm and timing to the universe which one must learn to respect and work with. I like to think of it as a giant restaurant taking continually taking my orders. I know they’re receiving my order if I am in alignment with my higher self. Often you may feel disillusioned that your order hasn’t arrived – such as success, the ideal body, romantic partner, ideal job etc. Perhaps the restaurant (universe) wants you to be certain that is what you really desire before responding.

Perhaps it is asking you to reconsider your order since it feels it is not in your best interest. You must believe that it knows best. I like to remind myself that I did not design this vast universe. If I feel I can do a better job, I suspend my judgment by reminding myself that all is unfolding as it should in perfect order. I am merely playing a small role in the orchestration of a corporation which has billions of employees to attend to. I trust that my needs will be met once I am good and ready. Sometimes that may mean taking a little longer than I anticipated.

What shows up in the end is always better than I imagined for myself. You receive not that which you wanted – yet that which you need. Remind yourself that the universe knows best. It takes a great deal of wisdom, patience and understanding to ALLOW this way of thinking into your life.

Think of it this way. If you were sinking in quicksand, your natural tendency would be to trash around in order to free yourself from the doom which awaits you – death! The more you struggle, the more you’re met with an inescapable solution. What if I said to you stop resisting – stop struggling and allow yourself to be still. In that moment, when you stop resisting, you’re able to navigate your way out of the perilous ending which awaits you.

Our human minds often perceive problems as disasters rather than looking for the hidden meaning contained within them. Barring death, every event including sickness and disease is a call at some level to heal an aspect of ourselves which we have denied.

In order to find your treasure, you must let go of past conditioning. Our minds have the potential to heal our wounds or create the same path of resistance. Find time in your day to reconnect with your true self – listen intently to that silent whisper which seeks expression. Sometimes your order to the universe may be coming from a place of scarcity or fear. The universe hearing these words, responds accordingly sending you more of the same.

Change your frequency, much like you would when receiving a bad radio station signal. Tune into a frequency which resonates at higher levels. You’ll know it’s the right one when tasks become effortless, rewarding and bring you joy instead of sorrow.




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