How To Feel Good Often, For No Other Reason Than The Feeling Itself

Become Inquisitive About Your Emotional Life

“Life is the dancer and you are the dance.” – Eckhart Tolle

How often do you feel good, for no other reason than to experience the feelings alone? How do you create these good feelings? Do you listen to music? Exercise? Spend time with those you love or something else? I realise I’m being particular about my questions because I want you to connect with those pleasant emotions. Some people feel guilty because others might be in pain or suffering. Therefore, they feel obligated to downplay their own emotions. But this doesn’t serve anyone, because feeling good about yourself can help to uplift others who are experiencing pain or suffering.

For example, think about when you’re in the company of an inspiring person. How does it feel to be in their presence? Are you drawn to their charisma, energy or enthusiasm? I know when I’m around such people, I am drawn to their attractive personality. I’m not talking about a romantic attraction but the intensity of the energy the person exudes. Our vibration is one of the most powerful mechanisms we have, and learning to control it, can be a significant measure of how we connect with others. Positive and enriching emotions come not only through other people but through ourselves. There is a sense of rapture, as though time standstill when we experience flow states.

We ought to experience more positive emotions without trying to manufacture them, especially if we are sad or depressed. We must connect with all our feelings and experience them without manipulating or anaesthetising them. Our emotions are our guidance system. They are like a sonar that helps us make sense of our world and create our experience of life. The more we connect with the frequency of our emotions and how they flow through us, the richer our experience becomes. Are you happy with this understanding? Can you see that every emotion you experience is true for you? It requires feeling it honestly, instead of trying to change its path. It is about being authentic with ourselves, so we can live a rich and abundant life.

When we feel good often, for no other reason than to experience the richness of the feelings, we align with our core self. This doesn’t mean we will experience positive emotions all the time, since that would be inauthentic. What I’m suggesting is we learn to play with our contrasting states, so we can pull ourselves out of negativity and move to higher emotional well-being. For example, have you ever woken up feeling out of sorts emotionally? There may be no reason for your mood, but it stains the rest of your day and you cannot shake the feeling. We must become inquisitive about our emotional life and process our emotions as honestly as we can. We can then ascend the emotional scale towards freedom, instead of disempowerment.

Connect With What Is Taking Place Inside Your Body

“Put your thoughts to sleep. Do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking.” – Rumi

There are many practices and techniques to help facilitate this experience, which I encourage you to explore. If you are working with a trained therapist, they will help you find emotional stability, so you don’t experience high or low points. These high or low points happen when our blood sugar rises after eating sugary foods. We experience a spike in blood glucose levels and feel energised for a short period, then our blood sugar levels drop and we are tired, lethargic and moody. The key is to regulate our emotions, so we are in control, instead of letting our emotions dictate our experience. Are you seeing that you can be in charge of your emotional well-being? It is something you can change. You have the power to regulate your emotions and master how you respond to external situations.

It’s worth re-stating, if you are working with a therapist, they can help you regulate your emotional well-being. For most people, feeling good often, is one of the most beautiful experiences we can have. Long ago, after a gradual awakening, I experienced moments of bliss and joy throughout the day. It felt incredible, beyond what words can describe. I wanted to hold on to these feelings and make them last, yet sometimes they were fleeting, while other times they lingered for hours, sometimes days. For example, I would walk through the park and be overcome with a sense of oneness and radiating energy of love throughout my body.

It felt strange because I didn’t know how to process these feelings. I didn’t know how long they would last. Other times I felt guilty, especially whilst others were experiencing pain and suffering from trauma. So, I suppressed my emotions, believing it would ease their suffering. But it didn’t help them, nor me. Therefore, I learnt to regulate my emotions, so when I experienced enriching feelings, others would benefit from them. As alluded to earlier, when we are in the company of positive people, we can’t help but be drawn to their radiating energy. We can learn to model ourselves on these people and create these emotional states within us. With this in mind, I’d like you to become more aware when you experience positive emotions and journal your experience. Try to connect with what is taking place inside your body. Learn to discern the subtleties of the human body, when you’re feeling good. As you do, you can fill your container of life with more uplifting emotions instead of reliving negative emotions from the past.

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