A Fable About The Noble King

Published on: June 7, 2011

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“I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself.” – Pietro Aretino

In a land far far away, there lived a noble king in a fortified kingdom. He ruled over his people in a noble manner; for his followers considered him fair, just and wise.

His kingdom afforded him all the luxuries a noble ruler could ask for. He was waited on hand and foot. He lived in the most luxurious manner with servants at his beck and call.

Despite these luxuries, the noble king felt something was missing in his life. He rarely ventured outside his kingdom unaccompanied, for he feared he was not well equipped to navigate life on his own. One beautiful day he decided to make a trip into the enchanted forest alone on his trusted steed; without his servants or guardians.

That morning, he mounted the horse and made his way into the forest for the first time in years. There was intrepidation and fear present for he was venturing into the unknown. He rarely ventured outside of his comfort zone since everything he needed was provided for him.

That morning as he journeyed into the forest, the noble king felt the fear arise for the first time in years. Where was he going? What was he doing alone in a forest unguarded? Why was he doing this? And what was he out to prove? These were questions which confronted him in the early part of the trip.

Despite the fear, he proceeded onward despite not knowing what riches he would stumble upon. During the journey, the king was taken aback by the beauty and splendour of the forest. He noticed tall oak trees which disappeared well into the forest canopy. He saw the forest animals, birds and insects living in their natural habitat; all co-existing as they were one.

He noticed the sound of birds chirping in the distance, gofers coming out to greet him and animals he’d never seen since a child. He noticed the beauty and splendour of the feelings which arose within him. He felt alive for the first time.

He felt happy living in the moment, not knowing what lay waiting on his journey. He was in awe of his surroundings. He never knew that life outside his kingdom would be so beautiful and breathtaking. He wondered why he hadn’t ventured outside the confines of his palace alone previously. If truth be told, the king was now ready, willing and open to truly living.

The king had a realisation that afternoon. He realised that all he believed to be real and safe, was in fact a facade. Although he felt safe and guarded in his kingdom, he trusted that this feeling would only be apparent in one corner of the world; home.

Life outside the kingdom was different. It was real, alive with beauty, riches and splendour. He felt life revealing itself to him. It was unfolding in each moment when he began to really live in the moment. In doing so, he awakened to the infinite possibilities before him. He felt that he was now living from a source of inspiration. Each moment was a gift revealing the unknown.

Upon reflection later that day, he was aware he had been living a self imposed lie. It was a life without colour and vibrancy. For life is about moments captured over time. It’s not so much about what one accumulates during their life; it’s who you connect with, the experiences and the joy you bring to others lives.

The king felt happy and alive knowing that he’d experienced the ‘real world’ outside the confines of his kingdom. He felt the passion that his life could be so much more than a ruler living in a self imposed palace.

There is joy and beauty in life when we open ourselves to being receptive to the magic and wonder it has to offer.

At some point of our life, we too have lived in a self imposed fortress called our mind. We form limiting beliefs, attitudes and thoughts which keep us secure and safe. Life is far more than what we imposed upon ourselves.

Break free from your prison by seeking new experiences that challenge you to become more. In doing so, life greets you with the same enthusiasm and shows you there is indeed a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow – only if you venture out of your comfort zone.




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